JOJA Creative


Public Relation

Press Conference

Today, media is one of the best means of sharing information to the public, from announcements, releases, clarifications and so forth. Joja Creative helps you coordinate two-way communication with media while ensuring smooth press conferences that exceed company expectations.

Media Partner

To ensure the success of events held by your company, the media should act as a source of information. Our Public Relations division bridges the partnership between your company and the local or national media. We ensure that the information given to the media is unambiguous, concise, and importantly, accurate.

Live Streaming

With the ease of information technology today, it is not uncommon that an event can be seen in real time through Internet connection. With our resources, we ensure that the important events in your company, such as product launches or award nights, are accessible to your customers anytime and anywhere through our professional and high-quality live streaming service.