JOJA Creative


Digital Development

Google Ads

Through Google AdWords, you can reach your target audience based on keywords, topic, location, and time. You can advertise your product systematically, so it can appear in the first page of the Google search engine. In this way, those who enter specific keywords to search a product related to your business can be potentially taken to your page. Our role is to help you find the keywords to maximize the amount of interested people that may view your advertisement.

Social Media Maintenance

The ever-increasing number of social media users intertwines social media and human life. The good thing is that there is data that can be managed legally and used as the company deems necessary.

With good management, social media can be the perfect tool to learn more about your customers, including demographic statistics and unique habits. We provide social media management services to help you systematically retrieve useful data.

Facebook Ads

With two million active users every month, Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms for advertisement available to your business. Through this platform, you can specifically select your target audience, so your ads will be more calculated. Facebook also provides various advertisements that suit your campaign goals, so the effects can be maximized.

Instagram Ads

Instagram features, such as stories, are utilized by over 250 million active users per day. This capability to reach such a vast amount of potential customers makes Instagram the most in-demand social media platform for product advertisement. Use Instagram ads to expand your audience, boost social interaction, improve brand awareness, increase conversion rate and more.

Content & Engagement

Through social media, companies can increase brand awareness and convert it into expected outcome. We ensure that the promotional material in your social media best represents your company and increases awareness and engagement.