JOJA Creative


Creative Development

Graphic Design

Today, graphic design has become a form of communication widely used by companies. For instance, a well-designed infographic delivers information attractively and in an easy-to-understand way, or a logo can be embedded with a thoughtful aesthetic that conveys the company philosophy and boosts the company image. We work to understand your company's characteristics and implement them in every artistic design element to represent the company.


Does your company already have a website and mobile app? Great! However, you might be wondering, why don't either platforms get enough traffic? Why is your bounce rate high? The answers can vary, but one of the important aspects that may have been overlooked is the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design.

A UI Design that is not aesthetically pleasing and/or confusing can have a great impact on the impression and experience of visitors; people may not be as interested to visit your website or use your mobile app. As a creative digital agency with in-depth experience in this field, we will design your UI and UX with your user in mind.

Video & Mutimedia

Audiovisuals, or more commonly known as videos, are one of the most effective ways of targeting customers and delivering your message. Through videos, content can be customized with writing and storytelling techniques that suit your needs. We, in Joja Creative, strive to help you develop your creative ideas to make your message purposeful and long-lasting in your customers' minds.

We also offer multimedia services for you to create artistic presentation content, such as text, animations, and more, that are easy to modify according to your needs. The multimedia presentations of your company can also be integrated as supportive elements in your website; which makes it easier for your customers to access key information.


We understand that there are unique messages and stories that companies would like to send to their customers. Through photography, we provide a visual language that can capture it all. We offer high quality concept creation, content curation, and management to create the best impression for your customers.